Welcome to Antalya Restaurant – Antalya Restaurant

Welcome to Antalya Restaurant

Antalya restaurant has been established in Nottingham for over 25 years, as the city has developed and grown so have we. We often have guests from some of the larger organisations in the region. The management are very proud that the Antalya Restaurant has grown with the community and continues to participate in local special events. Antalya is a family-run established restaurant, which has been a focal point for lovers of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Turkish cookery can truly be described as an art. Many recipies have been passed from generation to generation throughout centuries and under the influence of many cultures. All dishes are made according to tradition using only the finest available ingredients to give the true taste and flavour to our selections.

First, a selection of hot and cold “meze’s”, (starters), are served with freshly baked Turkish bread. Great care is taken over the presentation as it should always be remembered that in Turkish cuisine, visual taste is very important. During this ceremony, which can last for hours, “rakı”, (an anis based drink), and famous brands of Turkish wine are taken whilst the delicious dishes are served. Traditionally dinner ends with desserts, and finally a cup of Turkish coffee. Our fully licensed restaurant is able to cater for take-away meals, (Parliament St. entrance), restaurant meals, and now we also offer an outside catering service for special occasions. Recently refurbished to traditional Turkish designs we guarantee your comfort with air conditioning and facilities for the disabled. Try for yourself – we look forward to welcoming you at Antalya.

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